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Cooperation between DEFSCOPE and FORTINET is intensifying

Recently, Fortinet, one of the global companies specializing in cyber security, held another meeting in cooperation with Defscope LLC, which represents our country in the local and global markets.

At the meeting held at the invitation of DEFSCOPE, Yashar Mammadov, System Engineer of Fortinet, and Shaig Samadov, Regional Manager, presented Fortinet fabric products and provided the DEFSCOPE team with a mini-training on how to design IT infrastructure in business entities.

As part of the "Grow with DEFSCOPE" program, the company's specialists and practitioners will learn about the features of Fortinet products, best practices, different advantages from other vendors, etc. was informed about.

Vusal Salmanli, the founder of DEFSCOPE, noted that the company will continue to work to train professionals by increasing their knowledge and experience in Fortinet products.

You can learn more about the company's services and products at the link below. It should be noted that during October, ie during the "Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month", initial consulting services are free for customers:


(012) 409 25 65

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