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Registration for the first "Information Security Management" training has started in Azerbaijan!

Registration for the first "Information Security Management" training in Azerbaijan has started!

The training will be conducted by Vusal Salmanli, Founder and Director of DEFSCOPE, Co-Founder of INSECO, Senior Consultant of Sirius (USA). will be taught.

Effective risk assessment and analysis methodologies;

Existing cyber security frameworks and their effective use;

Determining compliance criteria for contract, legal, industry and confidentiality requirements;

Development of Information Security Strategy;

The organization of awareness-raising activities and trainings, effective implementation methods, etc., necessary to create a corporate environment that can help change human behavior and be aware of security risks.

Training Duration: 2.5 months

For more information on this training program and other trainings, visit


For additional questions:

(055) 204 19 12

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