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The success of the local cyber security company in 2021

Baku. Trend:

Defscope LLC, a local Azerbaijani company that has been operating in the global arena in the field of cyber security since 2018 and has managed to cooperate with a number of leading companies in the world in a short period of time, continues its success in the domestic market. The company, which signed many innovations in 2021, also held a series of significant events. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Cooperation with Fortinet

In February, Defscope joined Fortinet's Engage Partner Program, a world leader in large, integrated and automated cyber security solutions. This program offers partners the flexibility to create solutions tailored to the growth of the customer market, to stand out with the industry's leading security platform and training program, and to achieve successful business results. In October, Defscope LLC's cooperation with Fortinet was further expanded. At the meeting held at the invitation of Defscope, Fortinet system engineer Yashar Mammadov and regional manager Shaig Samadov introduced Fortinet fabric products and gave the Defscope team a mini-training on how to design IT infrastructure in business entities with the help of these products. As part of the "Grow with Defscope" program, the company's specialists and practitioners will learn about the features of Fortinet products, best practices, different advantages from other vendors, etc. was informed about.

Cooperation with Palo Alto Networks

In March, Defscope LLC began partnering with Palo Alto Networks, one of the world's leaders. Palo Alto Networks is a US company that offers cyber security and related solutions, services and the best features of security performance, management and access. As part of the partnership, Defscope LLC continues to provide the company's global services to the local market.

PECB Partnership Program

In June, Defscope LLC announced that it had joined the PECB Partnership Program. PECB provides specialists and organizations with useful education, assessment, certification in accordance with internationally recognized standards, assists them in demonstrating their knowledge and skills. Defscope, as a PECB partner, has the authority to make an expert contribution to the proposal and organization of ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 standards, which are included in these services.

The first cyber security bootcamp

Considering the training of cyber security specialists, one of the most important specialties of the modern age and the future, as a strategic goal, Defsope LLC started intensive trainings on August 2 - CyberSecurity BootCamp project. The CyberSecurity BootCamp, part of the Grow with Defscope program, lasted 5 weeks and focused on delivering both theoretical and practical knowledge (laboratory work) to participants. In addition, each week, participants participated in mentoring meetings with industry experts. The trainings were conducted with the joint participation of Vusal Salmanli, who has 13 years of experience in the field of cyber security, and Khayala Aliyeva, a leading information security specialist at Defscope. On September 4, a closing ceremony was held and certificates were presented to the participants, and mentor support continued for the participants for the next 3 months, even after the training

Part of the proceeds was transferred to the LIFE fund as promised.

Among the country's top 25 top managers…

On September 23, the 25 best top managers were announced winners of the first national CEO Award Azerbaijan competition organized by the Caspian Energy Club through online voting.

Chairman and CEO of Caspian Energy Club Telman Aliyev said:

Unlike the Brand Award Azerbaijan, in which only Azerbaijani brands participate, the CEO Award Azerbaijan was attended by representatives of local companies, as well as top managers of foreign companies operating in our country. The competition was met with great interest. More than 100 local and foreign top managers from various business sectors took part in the competition, which was based on online voting. One of the main goals of the competition was to introduce business figures to the public and provide information about their activities. According to the results, 25 best-known top managers of Azerbaijan for 2021 were declared winners. The winners were selected from more than 100 candidates with the participation of more than 13,000 voters. Vusal Salmanli also continues to work as a leading consultant on Cyber ​​Security Services for Sirius Computer Solutions in the United States.

"October - Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month"

In October, cyber security awareness trainings were conducted for more than 70 companies. As part of the "Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month", awareness-raising activities were carried out on Information Security and its importance, as well as the benefits of strengthening the fight against cyber attacks to the business environment in Azerbaijan. The company organized the "Fundamentals of Information Security for Employees", "How to ensure our cyber security?", As well as "Information Security and its importance for business" on October 21 and 28, organized by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Energy Club. held a series of webinars.

Establishment of the first NGO in the field of Information Security…

On October 18, for the first time in Azerbaijan, INSECO - Information Security Organization Public Union was opened on the initiative of Defscope Director Vusal Salmanli and MEGASCOPS co-founder Elkhan Poladli. The meeting was held in an online format and discussed the history of the organization, its goals and future activities. It should be noted that this public association is the first organization registered in Azerbaijan in the field of Information Security as an NGO.

Opening of Defscope TRD center…

The first Cyber ​​Security Training, Research and Development Center was established in Azerbaijan on November 30, International Computer Security Day. Defcope LLC, which has always made it its mission to contribute to our country in the field of cyber security, has announced the registration for specific cyber security trainings along with Research and Development at the newly established Defscope TRD Center and has started accepting inquiries.

The first free workshop held by Defscope TRD…

On December 18, Defscope TRD Center held its first free seminar in front of a wide audience. Vusal Salmanli, the founder and director of Defscope LLC, gave recommendations to the participants based on his experience at the seminar on “Career directions in information security and building the right roadmap”. spoke from.

Registration for specific training programs ...

Defscope TRD, which provides very specific and comprehensive training programs in the field of cyber security in the country, has already announced the registration for new training programs. 8 different trainings have been developed for those who want to build their career in the field of cyber security or to further develop their career.

For more information, please email or call (012) 409 25 65/055 204 19 12.

In addition, for injuries from professional cyber security services, you can contact Defscope LLC at or (012) 409 25 65.

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