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We are an Azerbaijani company which has been conducting cyber security activities in the global arena since 2018. In such a short time period our company has operated many projects around the globe and worked with some of the world’s leading companies. Currently, we are serving our customers in Canada, USA and Europe with our up-to date products and services. Security is our entire focus and this single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep us ahead of our competitors.



Our whole team is passionate about making the world safer for exchanging digital information. By creating a learning atmosphere, we require our team members to be certified in multiple disciplines and products, so they can help you get from the high-level architecture of a solution all the way down to the technical configuration and implementation of point-products. Our team’s dedication inspires the entire company to consistently grow and raise the bars in the sector.

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DEFSCOPE  Social Activities

As a global IT company, we have always worked to raise awareness and expand the knowledge and skills of people in the area of ​​cyber security. Below are examples of our activities:

  • Active support and mentoring in the training of young professionals.

  • Exchange of experience and knowledge at various conferences, public events.

  • Participate in the dissemination of the latest innovations and best practices for individuals and companies in close collaboration with international security organizations.

  • Cooperate with public and private educational institutions to support the development of special training, curricula for students, etc.


We believe that cyber security is not an option but necessity for everyone in today's world of technology. Therefore, as Defscope, we strive to actively continue and expand our social activities.

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