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Advantages of international "Security+" certificate covered in DEFSCOPE'S Cybersecurity Bootcamp

What is CompTIA Security+ Certificate?

"Human errors constitute more than 90% of violation cases of the security rules." The researches of the world's influential international organizations have come to such a conclusion. Of course, no matter how much we strengthen our IT knowledge to keep up with the speed of technology updated every day, sometimes we are helpless in matters of security. By noting that such problems cost millions of dollars to organizations, especially, it is important to raise the awareness of IT employees about security. Today, a number of organizations around the world, such as CISCO, EC-Council, ISA, (ISC)², Amazon and ISACA, provide them with a certificate in accordance with their performance by indoctrinating these individuals with knowledge and skills in the field of IT.

The “Security+” certificate, established by CompTIA, is one of the most prime indicators of the literacy level of employees working at many fields, such as system, network, and security administrator, junior IT auditor, security specialist, consultant and engineer or future candidates. The main advantage of this certificate is that the assessment of candidates' knowledge and skills in cybersecurity is based on performance-based questions. It means that if you are not able to do the job, it will not be so easy to pass the exam. Employers take the “Security+” certificate as the standard to check the eligibility of candidates as it is an experience-based form of verification. In addition, the CompTIA Security+ certificate was developed with the help of Northrop Grumman, Nationwide, Brotherhood Mutual and other organizations like these. Candidates who do not have this certificate find it difficult to get a job at the beginning level in the field of IT.

Now, as the Defscope team, we are one of the companies that provide young Azerbaijani specialists with the opportunity to obtain this certificate. Defscope, as a long-established cyber security company in the global arena, has the staff potential to provide young specialists with the knowledge and skills covered by “Security+” certificate. The focal point of the cyber ​​security BootCamp, which is organized by the company and ongoing, is to ensure the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to obtain the “Security+” certificate. The organization of the trainings in both theoretical and practical forms fully prepares the participants for the performance-based exam of CompTIA Security+ certificate. Moreover, during the BootCamp trainings, participants acquire a thorough knowledge of key areas such as threats, attacks and weaknesses, technology and problem-solving network components, secure network architecture and system design, risk management and its impact on business, cryptography and PKI that is required in the Security+ exam. Holders of the “Security+” certificate have the opportunity to get beginning and intermediate level jobs in the field of cyber security.

Who can get CompTIA Security+ certificate?

Regardless of which method you choose, learning this field and getting CompTIA Security+ certificate would be a great advantage for young specialists, as well as an opportunity to start a career in this field. Furthermore, since there are no prerequisites in order to obtain this certificate, there is no obstacle for everyone, including beginners in the field of cyber security, to obtain a Security+ certificate. The recommendation for those who want to get this certificate is to have two years of experience in the field of IT. Firstly, these individuals can gain some experience by obtaining other certificates established by CompTIA. Obtaining “A+” and “Network+” certificates will also provide high-paying employment opportunities for IT professionals. If you are planning to pursue a career particularly in cyber security, you are recommended to get “Network+” and “PenTest+” certificates in addition to the “Security+” certificate. “A+” generally ensures a basic understanding of the concept of IT. The “Network+” certificate will give you the opportunity to build a high-level career in the forthcoming period by gaining knowledge and skills related to network security.

Career opportunities offered by Security+ certificate

Today, the main issue for future cybersecurity experts is the positive career impact of obtaining a CompTIA Security+ certificate. The “Security+” certificate is a great opportunity for candidates to open the doors in the IT field. Do all employers require this certificate from their candidates? - No, they don’t. However, the number of applicants is quite large. Having a “Security+” certificate is an indicator of competition between candidates both locally and internationally. In other words, if you have all the same qualifications as your opponent, but you do not have a “Security+” certificate unlike him/her, you will eventually lose to him/her.

The main advantage of BootCamp, organized by us as Defscope, is high opportunities for participants to get jobs in the local and international arena. The reason of this is that the trainings involve the “Security+” certificate. During the BootCamp trainings, participants will master the knowledge and skills to obtain a “Security+” certificate by receiving 5 weeks of training. Future specialists will witness the advantages of this certificate not only when being accepted for a job, but also in the work environment. Thus, CompTIA Security+ certified system, network and security administrators, as well as security professionals, consultants and engineers will get the highest-paying job opportunities. In the United States, the average monthly income of employees in workplaces covered by CompTIA Security+ ranges from $ 81,000 to around $ 130,000. Jobs in this category are estimated to increase more than 6% by 2026.

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