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DEFSCOPE Connects Youth to the World: 10 winners!


EFSCOPE” LLC organized "Future Security Leaders" Campaign within the scope of the program "Grow with DEFSCOPE" on the occasion of " World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day ".

As stated by the company, the purpose of the campaign, which took place from December 19 to December 30, is to strengthen cybersecurity awareness and support young security professionals in Azerbaijan.

In a highly competitive atmosphere, winners were selected based on the criterias such as education in the relevant field, future career plan and English language skills. Among the applicants, there were more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students, studying 11 different local and international universities around the world. Only 10 of them had the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits provided by the world-renowned ISACA ( organization in the field of IT Audit, Security and Governance for a year under DEFSCOPE Sponsorship.

Vusal Salmanli, the founder and director of “DEFSCOPE” LLC, who is a consultant, trainer and mentor in a number of private and public organizations, said it is essential to expand cybersecurity awareness and to support future cybersecurity professionals in Azerbaijan: "Nowadays, the opportunities for most students seem limited, but “DEFSCOPE” LLC with its international experience will continue its projects to guide Azerbaijani youth in this field to develop their knowledge.

"It should be noted that the Azerbaijani company “DEFSCOPE” LLC has been conducting cybersecurity activities in the global arena since 2018.The company has recently been providing professional cybersecurity services to a number of leading companies, primarily in Canada, the United States, Europe and Azerbaijan.DEFSCOPE always attaches great importance to social projects.Thus, subsidies for young people, cooperation with local universities, seminars, trainings, awareness-raising events, support to the government and our army in the fight against pandemic and during the Patriotic war are the part of those activities. These initiatives will be further expanded in the future through the “Grow with DEFSCOPE” program.

To learn more about the company's activities and our services, visit the official website:


+99412 4092565

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