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The first international reliable cyber association has been established in Azerbaijan

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On the initiative of Vusal Salmanli, founder of DEFSCOPE cyber security company and Elkhan Poladli, co-founder of MEGASCOPS defense systems company, a new INSECO Information Security Organization Public Union was opened in Azerbaijan on October 18, 2021, the 30th anniversary of the country's independence. opening) was carried out!

The online meeting provided detailed information on the history, mission, founders and activities of the Public Union. It was noted during the meeting that the grand opening of the union is planned in the near future.

INSECO is the first international professional association in Azerbaijan, headquartered in Information Security and IT Management. The association aims to support the public and private sectors in building a reliable Information Security system by bringing together various experts from relevant fields, increasing public Information Security literacy, and developing a professional platform for Information Security professionals to share experiences and advance their careers. Founded in 2021, INSECO now specializes in Information Security Management, auditing, analysis, reputation testing, vulnerability research, digital forensic research and more. consists of numerous specialists specializing in the field.

During the meeting, the founders of the public union Vusal Salmanli and Elkhan Poladli noted that INSECO will do its best to turn Azerbaijan into a country distinguished in the field of cyber security, both in terms of personnel and activities.

You can watch video recordings of the opening ceremony (history, mission, founders, directions, etc.) on the organization's YouTube channel.

Official website:

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