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Why is there a shortage of specialists in the sector with an unemployment rate of 0%?

Professional passport of cyber security specialists: certificates

The introduction of new technological tools into our lives and the constant expansion of their applications increase the demand for skilled cyber security professionals who will manage IT security in parallel. For many years, the demand for labor in this sector has been high, and the unemployment rate is 0%. There are now 3.5 million vacancies for cyber security professionals, whose job opportunities have more than tripled since 2013. This can be seen in the large number of ads shared daily on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Another issue we know is that the ever-expanding use of technology has encouraged young people to become more involved in IT in recent years. In this case the below question emerges. If the number of cyber security operators is growing, why are there still millions of vacancies? The answer is that the number of people who can be experts in the field is small. This is due to the fact that all tasks in the field of cyber security require comprehensive knowledge and experience.

The scope of the shortage of specialists is wide.

The size of the gaps in this direction has been studied in different countries, and such a result has emerged. Although US companies currently employ 804,700 cybersecurity specialists, they still need 498,480 specialists to fill a gap of 62%. Although the number of specialists needed in Europe is less - 290,000, in the Asia-Pacific region, on the contrary, it is several times more than 2.6 million. Experts say the gap will widen as new risks arise in line with technological advances. Of course, this situation affects companies that try to protect their most sensitive information. In addition, the transition to a hybrid business model due to the pandemic has made it even more difficult for companies to ensure IT security. But what do people in this field need to be experts and to be part of the IT staff of large companies? Or what are the requirements of these companies from the IT specialists?

How should young professionals choose the right certificate for their career goals?

Along with education and experience to become a cyber security specialist, as well as other areas of IT, certifications are an important step that will take you to your goal. According to Forbes, 96% of leading IT professionals believe that cyber security certificates add value to employees. With dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these certificates, it can be difficult to choose the ones that are right for your future career and budget. As DEFSCOPE team, in this blog we will introduce you to some of the certificates that are currently among the main requirements of companies and are most suitable in terms of career goals.

CompTIA Security + certificate: it is one of the most well-known beginner-level cyber security certifications in the industry. Companies such as Netflix and John Hopkins University have supported the establishment of this certificate, which covers several areas such as IT risk management and network security, and has been approved by the United States Department of Defense. As there are no prerequisites for obtaining the Security + certificate, it is one of the most ideal certificates for those who are in the early stages of their activity in this field. Required knowledge and skills include ways to reduce risks, analyze potential threats, download applications, and become familiar with the laws and regulations of the field. So far, DEFSCOPE has played a mediating role in the acquisition of these knowledge and skills by local young professionals during the trainings it has organized. The benefits of a Security + certificate for you in terms of career and income depend on the job you do. The system administrator, security engineer, and consultant are just a few of the dozens of job opportunities that the certificate will give you.

SSCP certificate: It is one of the most well-known of the several certificates issued by the internationally recognized cyber security association ISC. Holders of this certificate already have the skills to create, implement and manage a secure IT infrastructure for companies. SSCP-certified professionals can work in the field of IT as a network engineer, system administrator and engineer, security analyst and consultant. Then, the most common situation among these specialists is to get another certificate called CISSP.

If your experience tells you that you are an intermediate level specialist, you are ready to get these certificates.

CISSP certification: that is, Certified Information Systems Security Specialists are individuals who provide high-level security positions, and this certification is considered the gold standard of cyber security certificates. Global Knowledge, an IT training and certification company, says CISSP-certified individuals are currently among the most sought-after cybersecurity professionals, offering more than $138,000 a year. Unlike previous certifications, CISSP requires a person to have at least two years of work experience in at least two of the eight areas required for the exam.

CISM certification: is one of the best certifications a cyber security professional can obtain. Holders of certificates for information security managers or potential managers are among the highest paid, most popular and most sought after professionals, earning an average of more than $142,000 a year. The main task is to establish and maintain the information security program of the enterprise.

These certificates are just a few of the certificates that exist in the field of cyber security and are among the criteria of companies. Of course, the degree to which a certificate fits your career goals and other future plans depends on how well you evaluate yourself. Beginners in the field of cyber security will find that technical certifications more useful to them as they advance in their careers. If young professionals in the local market want to acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them obtain these certifications, cyber security trainings organized by DEFSCOPE on a regular basis are the ideal option. Due to DEFSCOPE's cooperation with international companies, participating in the company's trainings to obtain various certificates will allow you to work not only in the local market, but also in foreign companies.


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